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361. A girl had several dollars with her. she went out for shopping and spent half of them  in shopping mall, being generous she had given 1 dollar to the beggar. After that she went for lunch and spent the half of the remaining and gave 2 dollars as tip to the waiter. Then she went to watch a movie and spent the half of remaining dollars and gave autorikshaw-wala 3 dollars. This left her with only 1 dollar. How many dollars did she had with her at the beginning.


362. A person says that his son is 5 times as old as his daughter and his wife is 5 times older than his son and he is twice the age of his wife . The sum total of all the ages equals the age of the grand mother who celebrated her 81st birthday today. How old was his son?


363. A bargain hunter bought some plates for  $ 1.30 from a sale on saturday, where price 2 was marked off at each article .On monday she went to return them at regular prices, and bought  some cups and saucers from that much amount of money only. the normal price of plate were equal to the price of 'one cup and one saucer'. In total she bought 16 items more than previous. saucers were only of 3 cents hence she brought 10

saucers  more than the cups, How many cups and saucers she bought  and at what price?


364. A jeweler prepared a window display each  displaying  3 of the 7 gems at a time . They were methyst, opal, sapphire, emerald, ruby and garnet. Displayed according to the following conditions:-

1 A should always be displayed on the left window and  D on the right.

2 Ruby should never come with any of  D or G.

3.E should always be  with S.

then some  4 questions were asked on this. easy

#1 which combination is appropriate?


#2 which condition is correct in the right window?

#3 Ruby can be  displayed with following other two?

#4 S can be displayed with the following other two on left side window?


365. A boss tells 1/6 th of his life in child hood,1/12 of his in youth and 1/7 of his in bachelor, five years after his  election  a son was born whom was died four years ago at half  his final age.  find the boss age.




366. Two thieves went to the museum to stole the diamonds first thief stole half of them and while going he took another two and left. Second, third and fourth did the same and there was zero diamonds at the end. How many diamonds initially at the beginning?


367.  A, B, C are the husbands and D, E, F are their wives not in that order. They are playing the Golf following these conditions. D, E, F and B scores are as follows 106,102,100 and 94.A and C scores are 98 and 96 not in that order as their names are not displayed. Two couples get the same score. B wife beat the A wife list out the wives names and the scores they got.



Hus     Wife    Score     Total 

A          F          98        102     200      100    198

B          D         94        106     200       106    200

C          E         96        100     96          102   198 


368. A women with dollar bills go to the shopping he spent half of the money she had for shopping as she was so kind she gave one dollar to the beggar. she went to the hotel and spent half of the remaining and she gave 2 dollars to the waiter, the she buy some goods with half of the remaining and she gave 3 dollars to the receptionist. how much money she had in the beginning?   



369. A conductor in the bus ask the man how old the boy is. the man replied that my son is five times older than my daughter and my wife is five times older than my son and i am twice older to my wife and our ages summed up to my grandmother whose age is 81 years. can u tell me the son age?

ans: 5 years


370. Find out who is oldest and who is youngest from the following statements...

a)either A or B r the oldest

b)either C is the oldest or B is the youngest.


ans: A is the oldest and B is the Youngest


371. One boy tells three ppl to guess mule color..

            number one says its not blk

            number two says its eiterh brown or grey

            number 3 says its brown.

            the boy then says one is atleast lying ans atleast telling truth...finf mule color


            ans grey


372. 2 men take turns walking and riding one horse that they share...walking speed  4km/hr..riding speed  12km/ rides for some time and ties horse for the other walking fellow and continues walking......they keep going on like this alternately ..find time that the horse rests


373. 7 ppl have holidays on 7 diff days...and they give conditions like A's hol is 3 days  before B etc etc...we have to find the days on which they take holiday 5.6 subjects 3 ppl teach 2 each...some crazy conditions and we got to find the subject for each..i cant really recall clearly so why confuse u guys


374. A Lady (say L) is a philanthropist. she goes to a restaurant, orders food and pays half the amount she has and another dollar to a  waiter as tip. she then goes to a mall, does some purchases and pays  half the amount left and another 2 dollars to a beggar outside. At  last she goes to a book store, takes some books and pays half the  amount left and another 3 dollars to a beggar outside. she then  checks that she only had a dollar left to her. How much money she had  initially?


      ANs. 42 $


375.  Three couples are playing golf together. The men are E, B & T  while women are M G & H. they play 8 rounds. M, G, H & E score 106, 102, 100, 94 respectively. while B & T scored either 96 or 98 as it was unresolved due  to error at scoreboard. When finally resolved they found that two of the couples scored same. It is given that- E's wife scored greater than B's wife. Who's whose wife & how much the men scored each?


376. A lady buys some plates in 130$ with 2$ off every item. she then returns the plates for the same amount next day to exchange them for some cups & saucers. Each saucer costs only 3$ each and the no. of saucers is 10 more than cups. Altogether she takes 16 more items than before. If she had to buy only cups, how many of them she could have been taken home on the first day?